The extensive HO Layout is single track with passing sidings and is equipped with DCC. The railroad is designed for realistic operation with dispatcher issued block occupancy permission via two way radios. Several yards, branchlines and industries add diversity to the lengthy point to point mainline run. Industries include steel, coal, lumber, power, chemicals and grain. Three large staging yards provide a bountiful source of different trains for railfanning variety out on the main line.

The O scale layout is undergoing a major rebuild. It occupies a 20' x 25' area and includes On30 Narrow Gauge, Standard Gauge Freight and Traction. The narrow gauge line will serve several coal mines and a large sawmill. The Standard Gauge line has been expanded with a longer mainline run and interchanges freight with the narrow gauge line. The Traction runs trolleys from a small city to a lakeside resort area. Scenery represents an Appalachian setting with heavily forested hills. Steam powered trains predominate on the Narrow Gauge and wooden interurbans are powered from the overhead trolley wire.

Neither layout is static as both are worked on year round by members. Returning Open House visitors always notice new and interesting features.